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About Kimberly Erickson: Unlikely Theologian

Under Construction...

...the site, and me. I've been under construction for a lifetime. 

I attended seminary for a long time to be a pastor and professor of missions but just after graduation in 2005 I ran away from the organized church. That story is to come and is why I'm a rather unlikely theologian. 

I discovered a new sanctuary--I thought I'd give you a glimpse of it in these photos--it's vast! And like my first (ever) blog states, I never left God. Maybe I should say God never left me. (Though I admit for a very long time, I questioned that reality.) In fact, I kept running smack into God on any trail, behind every tree, in every person. 

While I'm not the enemy of organized religion--my name is still on the books and I love the people of a small local church--the institutions are missing many people. So I'm here to pass on some of what I've discovered and am discovering out here, and maybe a little of what I say will fill in some of the gaps.**

Remember, I'm still under construction...Thank God!

And thanks so much for stopping by. 

**I welcome your thoughts and suggestions. Please send me an email and let me know you were here.