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I spent much of my adult life in ministry as an evangelical Christian (Master of Divinity, Asbury Seminary 1998; Master of Theology, Asbury Seminary 2005) until I began to question ways that the evangelical church stifles God’s presence in certain genders, gender identities, races or ethnicities and other faith traditions, because the church often holds to rigid standards which were never intended to be inflexible

I experience a God of love and life who is both beyond and within, and believe that Jesus, a man born thousands of years ago began a journey to realize the ground of all being (God, the divine) and set out to teach others how to encounter God within themselves and among each other, regardless of gender identity, race, color or religious affiliation or no affiliation;

The Christian Bible--both Roman Catholic and Protestant--portrays the teachings and life of Jesus, but those who closed its canon had political as well as spiritual agendas, in much the same way that religious institutions do today, therefore:

To fully understand the teachings of Jesus and the beliefs of his followers, one must listen to all of the voices who were speaking about him within the context of their world, to allow God’s wisdom to be heard and God’s love to flow;

Thus, I believe that this God of love did not require that Jesus die as a penalty or a substitution for humans. Rather, he demonstrated that death is a continuation of life which we can begin in this life when we face the crucifixion of our egos, our small and separated selves from the Oneness of God or the Universe or however we name the Source of all Being, therefore:

Salvation--as Jesus taught--is an awakening to the crucified spirit in each of us, and a returning to the Source of who we always were from the beginning:  One with God, as the Christ is one with God and therefore one with each other, all of life and all that is. As one with all of life: 

  • we stand for the oppressed when they are beaten down

  • we speak out on behalf of the silenced and,

  • we live with our eyes and ears open to the cries of the earth when her gifts to us are disrespected and disregarded. However, as Jesus taught,

  • living in such a manner carries a risk like no other, a journey of the cross, a journey of genuine Life.

“So who am I? Nobody, everybody, nothing, everything, God, Allah, YHVH, Brahman, Christ, Buddha, Tao, Great Spirit, and the knowing that embraces and transcends them all.” -Rami Shapiro 

So who am I? Under construction, always evolving, ever seeking to live in truth, love and equanimity.


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